Polished Plaster

The Polished Plaster Company is an approved applicator for Armourcoat’s range of Polished Plaster.

Polished Plaster combines ancient skill with modern materials and carefully refined application techniques, creating a stunning choice of polished plaster finishes, unsurpassed in hardness and quality.

The natural, trowel applied finishes give the appearance of an exquisite seamless stone surface. 290 beautiful colours and finishes can be used individually, in contrast or combined with blockwork or banded techniques to create a range that is limited only by the imagination.

Designers can choose from the standard colour palette or custom colours can be created and matched on request.


The smooth polished finish is similar to the marmorino stucco, used extensively in northern Italy during the Renaissance period as a wall finish and a background for the ornate frescoes. It is this combination of material and technique that is now widely regarded as Venetian plaster. The final appearance of this finish is very dependent on the hand of the individual applicator, making it possible to achieve anything from a plain, lightly polished surface to a more highly burred and marbleised effect.


The rugged, more grainy appearance combines with a less highly polished surface to create the appearance and feel of honed or lightly polished limestone. It is most effective when used to create the appearance of a monolithic stone surface or a natural stone block. This finish has a subtle quality and although not visually dramatic over large areas, it is used extensively as a rich backdrop for artwork and high fashion.


The Pitted or Dragged finishes can be further enhanced by the application of a Colourwash. A transparent glaze combined with pure pigment, metallic or pearlescent powder is applied to the plaster, enriching the surface, imparting contrasts of colour and subtle variations of tone. The Colourwashed finish, with its rich tones is ideal for large walls, feature areas and dramatic display backdrops, especially when combined with creative or dramatic lighting.


Inspired by the patterning of weathered rock. The rugged, grainy, yet semi-polished surface is characterised by striations of texture running through the surface to give a strong directional quality. In light, neutral colours, the Dragged finish has the appearance of natural stone, reflecting the shear marks found where ancient rocks dragged across one another. Used in deep tones and subsequently colourwashed, the directional effect is enhanced dramatically


The Spatulata finish is pure luxury. Pioneered by the Egyptians, improved by the Romans, it became known as 'stucco lustro veneziano' by the Venetians. Modern additives have greatly improved the working characteristics enabling it to be successfully applied in just 3-4 layers and polished to a glassy shine with a small steel blade or trowel.


The travertine finish has a light open texture and a directional quality similar to that of natural travertine stone. The surface has a low sheen, and although applied in just one colour appears to have two or three distinctly separate tones running through the surface. This finish can work well in colours across the spectrum as it is possible to achieve the subtle tonal contrasts in both light and dark colours.


Armuralia comes in a range of 24 colours. It's exquisite silky smooth finish and subtle tonal variations can bring elegance and style to your latest project. Armuralia is an entirely natural product made from aged lime putty and crushed Bianco Carrara marble and contains almost no VOCs.

Custom finishes.

Armourcoat appreciates that from time to time certain clients or projects demand finishes that are original and unique. Whether it is a simple colour match, a complex geometric design or an intricate combination of different textures, Armourcoat’s versatile materials, creative vision and understanding of the plastering craft will guarantee an outstanding end result. We continuously experiment with natural materials to emulate nature itself, with astonishing results. Our creativity gives us an artistic edge in the field of polished plastering.

Design features

Armourcoat offers architects and designers their extensive experience to create stunning and innovative design features such as banding, blockwork, panels, corporate logos and columns.

Banding is created by superimposing one finish upon another, using identical or contrasting finishes, or the carefully controlled application of a Colourwash. Blockwork creates the ultimate in faux stone effects, but without the weight or thickness of natural stone. The texture and tone can be varied from block to block, reflecting the natural variations found in stone walls. The Panel technique uses bands and a combination of finishes, and provides an elegant effect, suited to both large and smaller areas, and lending a sense of stature to the room.

Application of corporate logos and graphic designs demands the highest standards of plasterwork and detail. Armourcoat is the recognised leader in this field, having developed special techniques for logo inclusion and surface design application. Circular Columns or Curves give the appearance of polished stone at a fraction of the cost. Even large columns can appear totally seamless, as if cut from a single vast lump of stone. Armourcoat have plastered hundreds of columns around the world, developing specialised tools and techniques to ensure the highest standards possible.

The Polished Plaster Company's showroom in Perth inspires visiting designers, specifiers and architects

The Polished Plaster Company's showroom in Perth inspires visiting designers, specifiers and architects

Techniques such as blockwork, panelling and banding, as well as including typography and graphic designs, give designers unlimited creative options

Techniques such as blockwork, panelling and banding, as well as including typography and graphic designs, give designers unlimited creative options